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An attitude called – “Love thyself”

Updated: May 4, 2021

Once the Guru said: “Self-realization before God realization” is the stepping stone on the path to happiness and bliss. You may have your own grudges and complaints of failures or what you haven’t got that you felt deserved of! It could be what you call your bad luck to blame for not so good situation or your health. All said, one thing that remains outside the periphery of your thoughts is your attitude to look at yourselves & treat as blessed one, a capable being having control of your own life, thoughts and actions. Bring in the attitude to the core of your life. Your attitude is the spinning wheel of your personality. Happiness is a state of mind created by your attitude. What is this attitude? How do you know your current attitude is not right & how can you change it to make life better? So many questions that you need to ask yourself only as the answers lie within you only.

The first and foremost point in attaining an attitude is – learning to love yourself. How do you look or what others say about you is immaterial. What matters is how you carry yourself in all conditions. The fundamental to have winning attitude is willingness to change for good. We carry burdens of our egos, misconceptions, and notions that we don’t want to “touch” as a matter of discussion with our self or anyone else. Think and say: “I’m ready for a change & improvements. I’m in charge of my life & my life is in my control. I’m blessed and thankful to all for good or bad things in my life. I take responsibility of my actions and there is my place in this universe for my happiness and prosperity and I deserve it.” Such affirmative self-statements raise your vibrations & confidence. A daily self-assessment leads to the changed stated of mind and makes you a much refined and confident person that what you were at the beginning. This is how you love yourself. Self-love is not in expensive attire or a car, but it is in the way you treat yourself & honor your self-commitments. The Universe also starts supporting you as you move on and make positive changes in all aspects of your life.

You can define your attitude as your own statement, not for display to anyone but to keep reminding yourself of what you are! This statement could be like – “I’m a warrior, I will never give up” or “I’m a happy go lucky person, I will always stay positive only”. Everyone has their own mindset and a way to look at other things, thus look for your attitude self-statement that gets just imprinted on your mind and you don’t have to mug up or search for. Keep the ball rolling till you arrive at what you want – this is the only way to achieve what you want.

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1 Comment

You are insightful and very positive . Many people will need this guidance from a true person such as you .

Thanks to the angels of universe for bringing a great person like sukh. It will help many people now and decades to come .

Thanks to the universe for bringing us in touch with a man of integrity,who is so learned that he can help millions on this planet .

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