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Angels from heaven

It was summer time in 2021 just after the COVID second wave in India. I was in office – not much of work in the afternoon to do & just thinking over what happened in the past few months when the second killer wave of COVID had arrived. In a year or so, what happened all around shook the world psychologically & emotionally with much of pain and pangs of the soul. However, there was a silver lining – we moved closer to universe around us. Those aghast moments drove us to think – what if suddenly, we are no more around or lose our loved ones. Everything around us remains as is but an emptiness surrounds our soul, and sometimes, a void with darkness and despair dons it. Why me? We begin the search for answer to this conundrum.

As the mind was weaving an arithmetic of what wrongs and rights I had done in past, to plead my case to the Karmic Nature, help came to me by way of signs that I wasn’t able to interpret in the beginning. The signs, sometimes, like numbers 10:10 or 11:11 or 12:12 started appearing frequently and catching my attention. While in office, I looked at the clock for lunch time, it was 13:13. The same evening I was watching a movie when the main character had to wake up in the middle of night, putting off the alarm – it was 13:13, again! I began to learn more about these signs. They marked the arrival of angels in my life to help me and show me the way out from my clouded mind. “Who are these angles” – I asked myself and started my voyage to the angelic realms, unseen, unfelt & untraveled so far.

Info on the angels on the net was of pretty much help. As I understood, to help humans, every religion or faith has angles in some or other form. I found an explicit mention of angels and the Archangels in Christianity. Archangels are the lead angels guiding other angles to help us when in need & requested to help. We don’t need to change our religion to believe in Archangels, as they love all equally and help all, irrespective of religion or any other form of boundaries. The question standing next in front me was – how to sense the presence of angles, ask for help & request for support of any kind. The angelic prayers were something I couldn’t make out. I decided to keep the math simple. Having gathered a bit of knowledge about all archangels, devised a simple prayer for seeking help from Archangels – “O’ my Archangel (name of Archangel), please bless me, help me (state the matter), I pray & request to you for your help. Thank you for your blessings & support. You are very kind to me & thank you for your love and care for me. I’m blessed with your grace and kindness. Thank you, my Archangel (name).”

Of all, Archangel St. Michael is the slayer of fear, ego & malice. St. Michael is the protector of our lives in every way. Pray to St. Michael to give us the strength to face the daily struggles of life & protect us from negative energies & forces around us. I picked up one prayer from the net and realigned it to suite me. You can also do the same as it deems fit for you.

O’ Saint of, we the soldiers in our lives

I pray to you

Defend us in our every day’s battle and service

Strengthen us to carry out our responsibilities & commitments

Command us to follow the path of righteousness

Protect us against the malice and snares of those who would do us harm,

as well as the undesirable conditions that exist where we do humanity & God’s work.

I humbly pray that you watch over me, your humble servant in the line of my duty.

Thank you, our Archangel St. Michael.

Store it in mobile phone or write it on a piece of paper & keep it handy in your pocket or wallet, to read it any time. You can pray to St. Michael to protect you from any physical harm, your reputation, status, relations or even your job & career; cover you in meetings, personal or official. St. Michael helps to take important steps for changes in life, gives us courage to move on in life & let go the baggage of past tied to our present & pulling us away from progress. Thus guides & guards our present & future.

In an awkward or undesirable situation, pray to St. Michael to help you, protect you & bless you – you will find St. Michael with you, always for you. I was caught by a traffic police for taking a wrong turn. Actually, the sign board was out of sight & I missed it. I prayed to St. Michael to help me in the situation of facing the traffic cops as I errored while taking a turn. The cop let me go with a simple warning & no fine.

You can also pray to St. Michael along with other archangels for any help. Pray to St. Michael & Archangel St. Raphel for healing of your physical body pain or ailment, even for making the medicines effective for your cause. Pray to St. Michael and Archangel Uriel before walking into business or personal meeting to help you in the meeting. You can learn about all archangels and seek help in all areas of your life for improvements and progress. The things to pay attention are to bring goodness in your heart, positivity in your thoughts & a resolve in your will to do.

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