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Updated: May 4, 2021

Find out 25 ways Reiki helps you for your wellness and prosperity.

What is Reiki. This is the most common question that will come across when you talk of seeking a healing help. To some Reiki is a philosophy and to many, it is a science. But our idea is not to get entangled in the maze of subject classifications. Simply defined, Reiki is a healing technique with the energy in the Universe, channeled through a Reiki Master. This energy harnessed from the Universe has power to heal, assist, inspire and propel for growth. It focuses on your highest good and creates a path of ease, calmness, and lightness within you for the cause Reiki is sought. You can call this inner peace as well.

Many people think, Reiki heals only “issues and problems”. Reiki also helps to ensure your wellness grows and prosperity flourishes. So, its’ a good idea to go for Reiki in your good times too. We can create a “saving bank account” with Reiki and store Reiki energy for our future needs like for job or career growth, happy vacations that you intend to go or for new home & your housewarming party, family gathering on Christmas or some other festival, and so on. With no malice or negative emotions in heart, you can ask for Reiki help in many ways to create a wealth of wellness and prosperity for yourself. Let us define a short bucket list of such ideas to reap the best benefits of Reiki for your wellness and prosperity.

1. You have a nice job and career. Reiki for better job or career in alignment with your psyche will keep you motivated for further growth.

2. Reiki for selling an old house, car or any item and buying a new one– irrespective of whatever your financial condition is, Reiki will chalk out a time in your space to make this happen.

3. Planning to buy a property, an office space or rent it, Reiki guides you.

4. You want your relationships to be protected and strengthened or even if you want a relationship to be started or developed, Reiki will guide you. Reiki also helps in improvising your interpersonal skills.

5. You have certain talents or abilities like singing, writing or any other, Reiki assists to you shine & grow.

6. Want to be good communicator or good at vocal skills, go for Reiki support.

7. For pregnant ladies and unborn child, Reiki is very kind and generous to nourish and cherish.

8. For occasions like marriage, birthday, homecoming, farewell, family gathering, you can trust Reiki for creating happier moments of all well and good.

9. You are looking for friends in a new environment or in a new school, Reiki helps you to open-up and settle down.

10. Want your investments and savings to be protected, Reiki does it for you. You want them to grow, Reiki guides.

11. Conceiving and planning a new venture of any kind, Reiki helps for your success.

12. You are travelling and Reiki provides the comfort of staying secured by allaying your fear or confusions.

13. Seek Reiki help before travelling for office work or for any other matter to help you stay safe and secured.

14. Go for your vacations happily and tension free with Reiki covering you up.

15. Your pets also get help from Reiki for grooming.

16. The plants and flowers in your garden grow amazingly when showered with Reiki energy.

17. Foods and medicines for the patients with Reiki energy just work wonders in treatments.

18. Want to have weight loss or stop hair-fall, Reiki blesses you.

19. Going to gym regularly to be in good shape, Reiki gives a push to your cause.

20. Something gone wrong with your machine or car, Reiki assists you to resolve it.

21. Worried about children or parents or pets in different city – send Reiki for them to take care in your absence.

22. Enhance the positive and happy environment of your home & family with Reiki blessings.

23. Reiki works wonders for Children. Grow the happiness of your children with Reiki energy.

24. Students who wish to focus and concentrate on studies and career, receive the support from Reiki.

25. Manifestation and law of attraction works great with Reiki energy.

You can make this list longer & you can define your own request for Reiki. Its’ the display of your intent to the Universe, fulfilled in the best possible way by Reiki energy. But it comes with certain riders – you must always stay positive & follow the “No” list sincerely. No malice in heart. No envy. No harm to environment or its creatures. No bad intentions of any kind, lest you pay for it otherwise. Have no fear and confusion. Keep putting in your best efforts and learn to grow and heal with Reiki. A heart filled with gratitude can demand no more other than love from Universe.

A few years ago, I was looking to change my car and did Reiki for sale of my old car and for purchase of a new car. Incidentally, the company I was working for decided to curtail the business operations and I had to move out asap. I thought I got into dilemma and I must postpone the idea of changing the car for some time till I get a new job. But I continued with Reiki requests. It happened that while I was under notice period, I received an offer for my old car which I couldn’t refuse and the dealer for the new car agreed to reduce the down payment amount and increase the loan amount apart from giving me extra discounts on new car if purchased immediately. I decided to go these offers trusting Reiki guidance. As I was doing Reiki for my job issue also, just a day before I was to make payment for the new car, I received the appointment letter for the new job. Tears in my eyes explained my gratitude to Reiki Energy that I could never express otherwise.

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