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Endless love and COVID-19

One of the five Principles of Reiki is “be kind to all”. Kindness is the mirror of our humility and love. We have heard so many stories in our lifetime about kindness & love but hardly we had tried to dig into it deeper to understand and apply completely into our life. I may say, I do not hate anyone, so what’s wrong in it. But not hating is also not loving someone – I realized this when I read the “Book of Mirdad”. When I was very young, in school, I read about Mother Teresa (now St. Teresa, Saint of Calcutta) in one of our schoolbooks. As a young girl, St. Teresa left her home in Eastern Europe to make Calcutta her new home, the home of destitute children, adults and all such people who were not loved by anyone, but by St. Teresa. Her story impacted me in such a way that I started sending my pocket money & savings every month for her works, as long as it lasted of course, to Missionaries of Charity. I was always very much delighted to receive the acknowledgements signed by Mother Teresa herself. Her messages were deluged by love for humanity & for me She was a living example of Love.

It took me years to understand how to kindle love in heart. As a Sikh Guru said it once- “to make way for love in heart, the ego needs to be beheaded first”. This is what all Gurus & Saints do & thus teach us love for humanity. But why are the messages from the Saints are so inclined towards love? It’s because love & humility in heart is the steppingstone of the path of Godliness. We all saw COVID-19 situation in the year 2020, which is continuing unabated in 2021 as well. The difficult times make us unite for a cause and stand together with love for each other. But what we hear most of time are the cases of cold heartedness, profiteering from pandemic, frauds & increase in crimes against humanity. A friend of mine told me that biggest problems because of COVID that have come up are the social ones including crimes against women, under-privileged & deprived ones. Its’ saddening, one wonders where the love for humanity has gone. But when we look at people making efforts and trying to help the needy ones, our hope gets a new lease of life with stronger faith in love & humanity.

Our future Karma is defined by our thinking of present & it gathers strength from our faith in love. A thought without a stain of ego attains its purest form to become the source of abundance of love in our heart. This is the foundation for Reiki healing – love & no ego. Ego is a negative attribute that will always do more harm even with its trivial dimension. A Reiki healer has a heart full of love for Reiki & the humanity that is being served. The person who seeks Reiki healing is a giftee of the Reiki blessings and grace when gratitude arises in heart, culling the ego. If we see the other side of COVID situation, it has given us immense opportunities to serve the humanity. Every one of us can contribute in every smallest possible way to help those who need love. Medicines & healthcare will work the way it has to, but love makes this healing and recovery easier & unstoppable. Imagine providing free laundry services or clothes to patients in overcrowded hospitals that can no longer do proper laundry or if each family offers one time meal to someone in distress, may be in a hospital with less amenities or someone in selfcare at home, how many such people can be fed and if translates to community kitchens in each area, no one will go hungry in this pandemic. Imagine if a family donates say a kg of rice or flour to a poor, how many will have meal for the next day. There are people around us like auto rickshaw or taxi drivers offering free rides to and fro hospitals for the poor people or people coming from villages or poor areas. Imagine if people together pool in their vehicles in an area, what a great help they can render.

Mother Teresa was never like Bill Gates owning immense money. She was neither a strategist nor an economist. The only thing that Mother had as a powerful weapon in her arsenal was Love for poor. She didn’t follow any modulus operandi other than giving selfless love. Let’s learn a lesson or two from our revered Mother, St. Teresa to discover the wonders that Love can do in our lives & lives of people around us.

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