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Counselling relationship Reiki healing

Updated: May 5, 2021

A city bloke had a love marriage with his college junior. It was going quite rosy till their first child was born after three years of marriage and afterwards, started getting bit strained for both as the two were working parents. Since both were earning handsome, they decided to hire a full-time child caretaker, who was an elderly lady in mid-sixties. She was baby sitting for almost two years until she had to leave for some reasons. The kid got so much attached to the lady rather than the parents that he started becoming rebellion to the parents, believing they were the reason for the lady to move out. The love he got from the lady filled the void while the parents weren’t around & then he wasn’t ready to let it go easily. So, this guy’s wife decided to quit her job and look after the boy. But the boy used to compare the way the lady was treating her, and his mother does. This used to cause much irritation to his mother, but she would give it pass thinking, he’s still a kid. Over the next one year, their another child was born, a girl. Now since, the mother was fully dedicated to her both children but naturally the newborn child got much attention, the boy developed a feeling, he’s not being loved as much as his younger sister is. As the kids got older, this feeling started becoming more and more callous. Parenting was never as easy as it is to say to someone “Oh! So, you are a housewife!”.

Over these years the relations between the two also got stressed to the extend, that they would pick a quarrel over puny matters. At one point of time, forget the love for each, the respect between them got lost like a fallen kingdom. Then entered the so-called glorious advisors and consultants, the neighbors, as they were the first ones to hear the loud arguments, followed by friends and relatives of both sides. Negotiations, consultations & further arguments continued for some time until both decided to go for divorce. They were offered Reiki help many times over these years by one of their friends, but they wouldn’t listen to it. Suddenly, the day both met a divorce lawyer, the husband called his friend to go for Reiki healing so that his divorce settles amicably. His request was accepted but the Reiki Master also decided to speak to his wife to convince her also to seek help some from Reiki energy, to which she agreed eventually after few rounds of discussions.

Reiki for both started at different times, different sessions. Both were guided to stay positive about their relations & no hard feelings for each other, they were asked to be neutral if they cann’t be supportive. They were made to imagine as if the body is a light house and their soul is the keeper of the lighthouse, who will guide the ships safely to the shore. These ships are the family members. Thus, in each Reiki session both will meditate with eyes closed and attention at the focal point between the two eyes and think about the keeper waving the lamp at the light house to the ships. As the sessions progressed, both started realizing their past mistakes & felt the closeness which was missing over the years. Well, this ended with both re-uniting & starting a fresh family life with the glow of rekindled love for each other.

What did Reiki do? Reiki healed and mended the broken relations between the two. Reiki cleared the blockages in the Third Eye Chakra, thus made them aware not to be selfish, but to be ungrudging. Reiki opened the Heart Chakra to de-stress mind and body and have love and compassion for each other. Reiki helped them to be grounded and feel safe and secure. Reiki cleared the clogging in Throat Chakra for them to be more communicative and expressive on each issue. Reiki worked at their spiritual layers of aura and healed to guide them to stay together on the life path. Reiki infused confidence and self-worth in both.

Not all the cases may end up similarly, but whatever Reiki does, it does the Highest good for us. As I said earlier in another blog, it’s our intent that drives us towards positivity and it is the positive mind that works like a magnet in the Universe attracting the Universe Energy to us. Reiki heals numerous issues in relations. The healing does auto-counselling & strengthening of the relationships. Let’s look at few other ways Reiki heals the relationship issues.

1. Teenager issues. The adolescent matters give headache to most. They will feel parents are not supporting despite whatever parents do for them.

2. Sibling issues. They believe parents give larger share of their love to brother or sister only.

3. Comparison issues. This is when, kids feel that the children of neighbors, friends or relatives get better amenities.

4. Developing a relationship. You like someone and wants to develop a relationship, Reiki helps, if no ill will in heart.

5. You have a relationship that you want to nurture and take it to the next level, may be marriage, Reiki guides.

6. You don’t want your ex-relationship to haunt you, Reiki harmonizes such relation.

7. Many relations cause issues like low confidence, self-esteem, or self-worth. Reiki supports you to come out of such affairs.

8. Feeling parents, relatives, colleagues, or friends always mis-understood you, Reiki enlightens by clearing the misunderstandings.

9. Marriage issues – this could be bifurcated into before & after marriage issues. You may be looking forward to getting married, but somehow something is not working right, or you are married but there are certain problems leading to chaos, stress, or unhappiness. Reiki heals.

10. Happiness in relations – you got everything, still not happy, Reiki helps to connect the missing links.

11. Reiki heals the unhealed grief in relations or loss of relations, carried over from the past. The sadness and distress are cleared with Reiki therapy.

12. Official relations can get stingy with envy & greed. Reiki protects you.

13. Business relations – Reiki guides your instincts and trust buds to have successful business relations.

14. Reiki blesses for all wishful relationships to prosper and flourish.

15. We can even store Reiki for protecting future relations, example you are going to get married, and you want to have cordial relations with your in-laws, or you got kids and you want them to have loving relations amongst them when they grow up.

What do you need to do for seeking counselling relationships Reiki healing? Chalk out the area of concern and your relationship objectives that you wish to got Reiki services. Stay positive and follow the affirmations throughout Reiki sessions and afterwards. Make efforts to build, strengthen & nurture relations. Believe you can turn around and you will do it. Sometimes healing relations take time, as our relations carry the strings from our past of this life and previous lives. Reiki heals at emotional and soul levels to bring calmness and harmony into relations. After all, relations are the most previous wealth that we must protect and handover to younger generations as our legacy.

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26 de abr. de 2021

Thanks Sukhdev. Your reiki has helped me and my family immensely during the pandemic tsunami



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