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Angles and Guides by your side

Updated: May 4, 2021

As an apprentice in my first job, I was always filled with zeal and zest to learn fast and do more than expected. I had my beliefs - sincerity & trust by my side to support me. So, I had imagined a beautiful world, just like Christopher Robin. I didn’t know much that the work environments could be filled with too much of envy, jealousy, politics and ruthlessness. And I was too naïve. It happened one day that I landed up in a situation and I felt the dead end of my stint. I was to report to the Chief the very next day to hear his final verdict. I was nervous. Very nervous. Then for a moment I thought, I was never wrong in trusting people and doing my work with sincerity. If I have been manipulated and I’m in problem now, the One who has always guided me for the right path, will be my Savior also. I had heard in one of the preaching sessions, God is alike within all of us. I told myself, if this is true, tomorrow morning I will face the same God that’s residing within me as well and I will accept the verdict as true and best for me. The next morning as I faced the Chief, he looked into my eyes and said: “Everyone, all details are against you, do you still have something to say”. I was quite and kept staring in his eyes. He paused for a moment & said: “You must take care of your career well as, this is only a beginning for you”. He signed my file with comments & asked me to see the HR guy. With heavy heart I went to meet this guy, who gently received me and said: “You got a recommendation for higher assignment from the Chief!”. I couldn’t believe it in the first moment. I was almost into tears and heart filled with gratitude for the One who backed me up in my most difficult time.

We all face such situations in life at some point of time when a miracle happens. How it happens, who does it for us, why are we chosen for these moments, has only one answer - It’s the Angles and Guides, the messengers of the God, who are always around us, protecting us, guiding us and ensuring us to stay on the right path. They do not turn up suddenly in our life. The process of staying on the “right course” in life in all situations demands our loyalty, dedication and trust which pulls Angles, Archangels & Spirit Guides towards us, just like a flower does with it’s fragrance. The “right course” is not as we think or can explain with all arguments and excuses but is one that is ruled by His authority. It is a lifelong process to learn to stay steadfast and become fearless on this course. Our Angles and Guides are watching us every moment, sending signs and helping us. As we “Believe in” & follow our heart, we get matured along the roadway of life. The rule book says, do not demand, He who has power to give us anything, can also know the best what we need. Thus, it teaches us to take things as they come in our life. This detaches us from expectations and makes us stronger and confident. Learning to live by the rule book is simple but not easy. Thus, Angles and Spirit Guides will never leave us and are with us wherever we are & in whatever situation we may be.

Our feeling, thoughts and intend carve a channel to communicate with the Angles and Spirit Guides. So, beware of your thoughts, wishes and feeling to be genuine and honest. The complete path requires your patience and trust. Tread it with courage and be always kind & thou shalt be blessed.

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